We've made quite an impression over 45 years. See what our members have said about being a part of NAMB.

I have been in the mortgage industry since 2001, where I began my career in operations. In 2008, an opportunity to move to Texas as an outside Account Executive was offered and accepted. In operations, you tend to keep your head down and focus on how many loans you close to meet goals. 

NAMB/CTAMP opened up a whole new world and outlook for me. I have been able to meet so many amazing industry peers and build relationships with them. The education provided through the associations is relevant and necessary for growth in our industry. I have always had a fear of public speaking and had the privilege to be part of the Central Texas Association of Mortgage Professionals Board for the last 3 years. I am the current President, and have grown as a leader and conquered that fear. Thank you to the NAMB board for everything you do to help support the local chapters! 


NAMB membership has benefited me by keeping me up to date on industry changes, and the industry as a whole. Being with a smaller broker shop here in Vero Beach, Florida, NAMB provides resources and updates that can affect our daily workings. I value my membership! Keep up the great work!


The benefit of involvement. I joined NAMB in 1987 while I was a Wholesale Rep because the Broker I was calling on told me she only did business with companies that were members of the association that supported her industry. Fast-forward 4 years to 1991 when I became a broker and started attending NAMB National, Regional, and Legislative events - I still have my NAMB pin from “Lobby ‘93”.
The knowledge gained from general & breakout sessions on how to run my business was worth more than the price of admission. But the insights gleaned from spending time with fellow brokers who were grappling with the same problems and concerns was priceless. Now working as a correspondent banker since 2009, I maintain my membership because NAMB represents the interests of Originators better than anyone. So happy 45th Anniversary NAMB - I am proud to have been a part for 31 of them!


Since I have joined NAMB, I have been privy to cutting edge information for the Mortgage Industry on the National level. This gives me the ability to discuss the latest changes with my prospects and clients. Information is the most valuable service I can provide.

David Dweck

Being a part of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers gives you the reassurance of being a part of a national organization that can make our voices heard when the government is implementing laws.

Rina Weir

We hold numerous insurance policies (home, auto, even cell phone), I look at NAMB (and CAMP) as an insurance policy for the industry that has provided me a living for the past 15+ years, support those that support you!

Amy Froehlich

I have won deals by beating my competitors because NAMB supported me with getting a CRMS designation / certification. I must give kudos to my friend and former managers for getting me involved in NAMB and explaining benefits...and how to get my certification.

Curt Hale

I'm very grateful for NAMB and UWM because without them, it would have been much more difficult and costly to start my new broker shop. I'm a recipient of the Kick Start grant and can't thank them enough for choosing me to be one of the giftees. It has so many benefits and I'm extremely proud to be a member.

Gloria Withers

NAMB, UWM, and the Kickstart Grant helped give me the boost to get my business started on the right foot. I want to thank NAMB for the support of independent mortgage brokers. Keep up the good work!

Gerald Bliss

As a mortgage professional, I believe it is critically important to stay current on all matters related to my industry and to support my industry. I have learned so much from this organization and the members of this organization. NAMB's support in Washington DC with the legislators is of paramount importance to my craft. I have earned and maintained my professional designation from this Organization. I am proud to be a "Certified Mortgage Consultant". I use this designation in my daily practice to separate my-self from my competitors.

Robert Schwab

I joined NAMB back in the early 2000's. Since then, I have served on the NAMB Board, FHA, Education and Legislative committees, attended numerous conferences, written and delivered several courses for members, taken many classes, attended many seminars and most of all, met some of the best brokers and originators in the country.

As a result of my work with NAMB, I became a past-president of the CT Mortgage Association. Not only have I met great business associates, I have made many friends around the country. Over the years, we have all been there to support one another during the most turbulent of times. I have been referred customers from my peers across the country and been able to refer clients to my peers as well.

I love my NAMB story. I wouldn't be able to teach from the perspective that I do had it not been for NAMB.

Debra Killian

I am most proud of my Certified Mortgage Consultant, CMC, the highest professional designation awarded by NAMB.

Jerry Rutledge


What has NAMB done for you?